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Child Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Child Support In Texas   Child support is like the punchline to an old joke – you can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.  It’s the most discussed (and certainly the most cussed) topic in the entire area of divorce and custody. It’s also perhaps the most misunderstood, so today we’ll answer a …

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The Key To Your Denton Divorce

WHERE DIVORCE CASES ARE WON – OR LOST Quick question – what do you think is the key to success in your divorce case? Many will say – the lawyer. Get the better lawyer and you’ll get the better result. Not always true, however. I’ve seen plenty of younger, less experienced lawyers win cases. Some may say – file first …

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Those Pesky Numbers – Your Budget And Your Divorce E1529551339675

Divorce And Your Budget

Those Pesky Numbers – Your Budget and Your Divorce There’s a lot written about “divorce planning.” About how to get ready to get divorced and the things you need to do. Close bank accounts, reduce limits on credit cards and make sure that grandmaw’s china is packed away. All of which is well and good, and maybe even some of …

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SPO Part II E1528735327478

Standard Possession Order in Denton County (Continued)

Standard Possession Order – PART 2 SPO = Standard Possession Order, and in this edition of the blog we’ll look at the nuts and bolts of SPO.  It actually has two levels of possession, the first for divorced parents who live within 100 miles of one another, and a second for those who don’t.  We’ll look at the “under 100 …

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SPO Part 1

Standard Possession Order in Denton County

Standard Possession Order – PART I SPO = Standard Possession Order. To divorcing parents it’s the gold standard. It’s what our great state legislature promulgated. It’s the possession schedule that a non-custodial parent is “supposed” to have. Except it’s not. There’s so much misunderstanding surrounding SPO that we’ll take several blogs to discuss it. Part I centers on why we …

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How Not To Hire Divorce Lawyer E1526575539419

How NOT to Hire Your First (or Next) Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Advice – How NOT to Hire Your First (or Next) Divorce Lawyer You’ve all seen them, I know – ads by divorce lawyers on why you should hire them.  You’ve probably read articles in newspapers or magazines about how to pick the right attorney.  I mean, if you’re getting divorced you have to get this right, right? Not necessarily.  …

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You Better Think Divorce Advice E1525726976978

You Better Think – Divorce Advice

YOU BETTER THINK So begin the lyrics to one of Aretha Franklin’s biggest hits.  Was a great song and is good advice to any of you contemplating getting a divorce.  As human beings we are not mere creatures of instinct, driven by unreasoning passion.  We have the capacity for thoughtfulness.  And if you’re seriously considering divorce, then thoughtfulness is one …

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I’m Getting Divorced – Do I Have to Move Out of My House?

Like many divorce situations, this is not a simple “yes” or “no”.  In some divorces, one spouse moves out voluntarily – sometimes before a case is filed.  In some divorces, spouses are able to stay in the house together while working through the issues in the cases. Whether you or your spouse moves out – and when – depends on …

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I have a good friend who says that the divorce calculator only subtracts and divides.  It does not add and multiply.  That’s not entirely true, because spouses who divorce do divide their incomes by half, but then they compensate by multiplying their monthly expenses by two. And halving income but doubling expenses is just the financial bad karma of divorce, …

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Why does collaborative divorce work? The answer depends on who you ask. Lawyers may say it works because it gets the lawyers and judges out of the way. Clients may say it works because of the control it gives them over their divorces, estates and children. Neutral professionals may say it works because they can bring their one-on-one expertise to …

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