Child Support Enforcement

Unfortunately, parents do not always follow court orders regarding payment of their child support obligation. If your child’s mother or father is not paying child support as ordered, we can help you collect the money you are owed. In most situations, the court will also order that the other parent must reimburse you for the attorneys’ fees you incurred in pursuing the unpaid child support.

“Mr. Lewis is an outstanding attorney. He is clear cut and focused. Extremely professional. He keeps his eyes on the end goal and does not play games or waste time. He conducts himself professionally at all times both in and out of the courtroom, with his clients, other attorneys and with the judge. He is of high moral and ethical standing and I am proud to have him represent me. I would recommend Mark Lewis to everyone. His staff reflects his high standards as well.” –Kimberley (Review from

Here at Lewis & Passons, P.C., we understand the complexity that often accompanies these delicate legal situations, and we are compassionate toward the financial and emotional distress that families can experience when a former partner fails to comply with court orders. We will bring our experienced and tough team of attorneys to bear in petitioning the court to enforce the child support order.

In order to enforce the child support order, we will first seek to have the offending parent found in contempt of court. If found in contempt, the parent could be incarcerated for up to six months and forced to pay a fine of up to $500 for each violation. We will also seek to place a child support lien on the obligor’s real and personal assets, such as bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, vehicles, computer equipment, etc.

In addition, we can help initiate income withholding for the obligor’s place of employment, request suspension of the obligor’s driver’s and occupational licenses, and work with the Attorney General to secure passport suspension and income tax refunds. In short, we will make every possible effort under the law to secure the child support arrangements and assure future child support payments are made.

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