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When you and your spouse married, you certainly didn’t enter the marriage expecting to get divorced. Nevertheless, divorce is increasingly common and these things happen: 50 percent of first marriages, 67 percent of second marriages, and 74 percent of third marriages end in divorce (Forest Institute of Professional Psychology). When this happens to you, it is important to be adequately prepared and to enlist the assistance of a competent legal team to represent you and protect your interests. Lewis, Passons & Darnell, P.C. can provide just that: a competent legal team to guide you through every aspect of your divorce and ensure that you have all the legal protection possible for you and your assets.

We will help you locate and identify all of the assets and property that need to be properly divided during the divorce. This asset tracing is essential, because some spouses hide certain assets prior to a divorce. We utilize very comprehensive and sophisticated asset tracing to ensure the divorce ends with financial stability of the client and children involved. We will search for assets even across borders, looking for assets and income streams nationwide and throughout the world. We will pursue an equitable division of all assets, including real estate, stocks, bonds, stock options, patents and other intellectual property, business interests, and many other types of assets.

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We will work to get spousal support for the client when appropriate. Under current Texas law, spousal support can be contractual (based on a contract between the divorcing spouses) or court-ordered. Court-ordered spousal support is typically limited in both time and amount, and it can sometimes be difficult to obtain due to the restrictive nature of the statute.  We have experience with both court-ordered spousal support cases and negotiating for contractual spousal support.

When children are involved, we will push for the best custody, visitation, and child support provisions possible, keeping the best interests of your children and their future strongly in mind. We are experienced in child custody cases, and have at our disposal a team of legal, medical, and psychological experts for your case when necessary. Divorce is often hardest on children, and we will work diligently to ensure relationships are maintained and the futures of your children are secured.

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Divorce is a trying experience for spouses and children alike. Our goal is to guide you through this process so that you will emerge from your divorce as emotionally and financially intact as possible. We encourage settlement as an alternative to trial. If settlement is not a viable alternative in your case, we will work with you to prepare your case for trial and assertively advocate for you at the courthouse. Throughout your divorce proceedings, we will ensure all the bases are covered and you are able to rest at night knowing you did everything you could for you and your family.

Our Denton Divorce Attorneys are committed to getting to personally know our clients and providing them the service and legal counsel they deserve. Contact our office today at (940) 591-1191 or online to schedule a confidential consultation in the office or over the phone.

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