When a family-related legal dispute arises, it is important to utilize every tool and strategy possible to resolve the dispute. While this often means a court case, another option is mediation. Mediation provides the parties with an unbiased third party to moderate the dispute in a constructive forum. In such mediation, the unbiased third party communicates for the separating parties and their respective attorneys.

This approach is often more comfortable than any other option, and is conducted in a private setting that defuses tensions to help make sure the dispute is resolved efficiently and completely. This averts a courtroom battle, the process remains strictly confidential, and the proceedings cannot later be used in court. When an agreement is made through mediation, the signed agreements are legally binding and enforceable.

The attorneys at Lewis, Passons & Darnell, P.C. are Family Law Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and are skilled negotiators and are experienced at working together with mediators. We can help you mediate your dispute, and will walk through the whole process at your side to protect your interests and find a highly efficient resolution for you and your family.

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