Post-Divorce Modification

In life, circumstances often change. When these changes affect you and your children, it may be appropriate to modify the provisions of your divorce decree or other existing order. We can assist you with modification proceedings, including modification of conservatorship, possession, and child support provisions. These are the areas for which clients most often seek post-divorce modifications, since the continued well-being and best interest of the children are a priority.

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To modify a prior order, a party must show that a material and substantial change has occurred since the divorce was finalized and that any modification in child support, child custody, or visitation is in the best interest of the child. Most commonly, child support modifications are justified when the earning power of the parent responsible for paying child support has increased or decreased, or in situations where the child’s expenses or financial situation has changed. Custody or visitation modifications are commonly justified when something significant has changed in a parent’s living situation, when something has changed with the child’s lifestyle or education, or when the overall situation has simply become unworkable or inappropriate.

The legal team at Lewis & Passons, P.C. maintains the same level of expertise at negotiating for post-divorce modification as they do during the divorce itself, and will advocate for your children’s best interests, current and future, in obtaining a post-divorce modification.



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